David Nayfeld, Che Fico, San Francisco

“They opened doors for us …”

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Nancy Silverton, Osteria Mozza, Los Angeles

“They are so in tune with the very heart and soul of Italy …”

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Carlo Petrini, Slow Food Founder, Piemonte

“… proud to see them … spreading the values of local cultures …”

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Ayesha & Sydel Curry, San Francisco

“We could go on and on about how amazing Livio and his team are …”

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Corrado Assenza, Caffè Sicilia, Sicily

“… they unlock doors and paths with a magic combination …”

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Eli Zabar

Eli Zabar, New York

“… I am proud to have worked with them for so long …”

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Michael Mina, Mina Group, San Francisco

“… one of my favorite food tours of my life …”

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Dario Cecchini, Officina della Bistecca, Tuscany

“… a true heritage for Italy …”

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Bénédict Beaugé, Food Critic and Author, Paris

“… Livio made us discover some of the riches of Piemonte.”

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Craig Stoll

Craig Stoll, Delfina Group, San Francisco

“… I can’t wait to plan another trip with Zest of Italy!”

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