Nancy Silverton - Los Angeles, CA

Whenever I plan a trip to Italy the first persons I call are not my travel agent, not my children nor my chefs, they are Livio and Kathrin. They are so in tune with the very heart and soul of Italy, that they are essential. In the past years they have taken my friends and I both to temples of gastronomy and to little farms where true artists work. Livio and Kathrin are smart, charming and not "know it all" characters at all. They ask you questions, which are vital on a trip, and make sure all runs smooth and in the way you want to experience. And to top it all they are such truly good hearted persons. To me there is no better traveling to Italy than with Zest of Italy.


Ayesha & Sydel Curry - San Francisco, CA

Livio, Kathrin and their supporting team, were amazing. Before we even got to Italy they were efficiently making sure everything was set up and perfect for our arrival. They were incredibly patient with us as we were a group of 11 women. They always made sure that we did not go anywhere without the accompaniment of someone. They listened to our wants and were not afraid to change up the itinerary when necessary but they still fit in the things that were already on the itinerary. We think our favorite part of the trip was definitely the Villa in Tuscany and the truffle hunting in Umbria. We could go on and on about how amazing Livio and his team are. We would highly recommend them to anyone that is visiting the wonderful country of Italy. Thank you Zest of Italy… Best trip ever!!!



Corrado Assenza - Noto, Sicily

Hunting for emotions in a journey. Discover Italy's Art - as we have intended it for millennia - the vibrant Life of its people and the Italian art of living refined over time. That's what you will get from Katrin and Livio. Something special and unique, as they unlock doors and paths with a magic combination - friendship - and while they share their bond with people met year after year, journey after journey. Giving themselves time to research and to finally design tailor-made itineraries that make every traveller a unique new friend. Their enthusiasm and, above all, their touch, their elegant presence in the encounter of places and people that populate the squares and alleys of the most amazing country in the world.


Katrina Adams - Chicago, IL

The best private tour ever! Meeting Livio was like meeting a member of my family...that I like:). He was polite, warm, knowledgeable, courteous and full of excitement. Each day was filled with anticipation from the cities that we visited, the people we met and the exquisite tastes and aromas of the dishes that we ate. No two days were the same and with every curve in the road came the burst of anticipation, as to what was next. You will not be disappointed with the services of Zest of Italy. Kathrin and Livio take great care into you personally, and offer you the best quality of everything without being the most expensive experience. Just the richest experience for your eyes, and taste buds.



Michael Mina - San Francisco, CA

Livio and Kathrin provided me with the most incredible food and wine tour of Italy. As a chef and someone who’s traveled a lot, I’ve done many culinary tours over the years, but never, in my entire life, have I had an experience like I did with Zest of Italy. It was incredible to be able to tap into their depth of knowledge and connections. This was easily one of my favorite food tours of my life and I can’t recommend them enough!


Carlo Petrini - Bra, Piemonte

Livio and Kathrin are a brilliant example of the Gastronomes that the University in Pollenzo can be proud of. Coming from different cultures and paths, they met here when the University took its very first steps; they were guided by a vision and passion for gastronomy in its most profound and complex sense. Working with them and following their journey I am glad and proud to see them constantly committed to spreading the values of local cultures - through the beauty of craftsmanship - and developing sound travel experiences: for the hosts, as they protect cultures and landscapes, the travelers, as they live unique authentic experiences and, finally, for the whole planet.



Patricia Michelson - London, UK

Kathrin worked at La Fromagerie during her student days at the Slow Food University and her short experience turned into a long working relationship that I believe forged her passion and her own business ideas. It is wonderful to see how far she has achieved her dream life and work. She is truly dedicated to the powerful ethos of honesty and respect for the animals, the artisans, the land and what it gives us, together with the traditions that make each region in Italy so exciting and so special. Together with Kathrin you will go on a “journey of discovery” laced with delicious food and wine - and lived within a like-minded community of new friends.


Eli Zabar - New York, NY

For the past 12 years Livio has done fabulous work selecting food products and master artisans for the needs of my outlets in the Upper East Side. On top of reviving my business in NY he has guided most of my wine research tours and, together with Kathrin, he has planned some amazing trips to Italy for both myself and some of my dearest friends. In Naples they expertly guided us through museum and garden visits plying us with plenty of classic food and pizza en route. In Sicily they led a week long tour of Ortigia, Noto, Taormina a fantastic tour of the market and a private visit of the Opera theatre in Catania. Be it Piemonte, Emilia or Friuli - Livio and Kathrin always made sure that every day ran smoothly, that we minimized the time spent in cars and maximized what we saw. I often refer to them as “my eyes in Europe” and I am proud to have worked with them for so long and see their business takeoff.



Dario Cecchini - Panzano in Chianti, Tuscany

I met Livio and Kathrin some years ago, in Panzano, with a group of friends, butchers and chefs. They became regulars at Officina and very good friends of mine. They are amazing both as individuals and food professionals: a true heritage for Italy, as they are naturally inclined to share their love and passion for our beautiful country and extremely gifted in teaching foreigners how to best appreciate the work of artisans, their ateliers and botteghe that make Italy so special.

David Nayfeld - San Francisco, CA

I have to thank Livio and Kathrin for many fascinating cultural and culinary experiences. I travelled with them for the first time leading up to the opening of my Italian restaurant concept, Che Fico. They are generous with their knowledge of Italy and their personal connections in local communities. The itinerary was tailored to our unique needs, and the trip played an integral role in shaping the identity of my cuisine. They introduced us to local wine makers, artisans and chefs and these meetings blossomed into lasting professional and personal relationships that I continue to develop to this day. They opened doors for us, and I mean that literally as well as figuratively: from the esteemed Caffè Sicilia with Chef Corrado Assenza during their off season, to an exclusive lunch outside of operating hours with Chef Rocco Iannone. I have referred many of my customers to Livio and Kathrin for recreational Italian food tours and they have been consistently well-received. I would confidently recommend the two to anyone, and have come to consider them both friends.



J. Killeen, G. Germon - Providence, RI

There is nothing like traveling in Italy with an insider. Livio and Kathrin are the utmost professional who have the absolute skinny on the best food markets, restaurants, wineries and fellow insiders. Their contacts are limitless and doors often closed to the casual traveler swing wide open when you are with them. For instance, Catania in Sicily was a revelation - a city we would never have loved without Zest of Italy’s perspective.