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When we plan our individual and specialized tours, we take our research from many miles of exploration into the countryside. We search for new tables and new family estate wines. What we like most is when we turn this all into flawless travel experiences opening new frontiers to both travelers and locals.


If there is one region of Italy capable of conveying its unique talent everywhere in the world this would be Campania. Without a doubt!


Venice brought the East and the West together showcasing human creative genius along the banks of its spectacular canals.


35 times larger than New York City, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, and is home to the tallest active volcano in Europe.


Entrancing regions of central Italy, Umbria and Tuscany, share a flair of rolling hillscapes, tremendous wine gardens and secluded hamlets like nowhere else.


There is an historic connection between Piemonte, noted for its red wines and the white truffle, and Liguria, a paradise of aromatic herbs and an encyclopedia of fish.


Emilia Romagna is a one of a kind Italian region where the concentration of top-notch culinary products is hard to believe or describe.


The heel of the Italian boot is a blooming countryside and crystal clear waters. Fiercely distinct and culturally distinctive.