We inspire food and beverage professionals around the world to infuse the traditions of Italy into their lives and businesses by connecting them to chefs, artisans, and producers with our travel, sourcing, and consulting services.


Since the early 2000s, Kathrin and Livio have covered the many corners of Italy, unearthing great wine cellars, cafes, osterias, producers, artisans, and local customs.

While tracking down rare and authentic places, they have bonded with chefs, toasted with growers, and traveled with industry professionals and tourists alike from all around the world.

These experiences have become Kathrin and Livio’s personal library of relationships, flavors, and memories and where they draw inspiration from to shape every new culinary trip.

“Hunting for emotions is a journey. Discover Italy’s Art … the vibrant Life of its people and the Italian art of living refined over time. That’s what you will get from Kathrin and Livio. Something special and unique, as they unlock doors and paths … sharing their bond with people met year after year, journey after journey.”

—Corrado Assenza, Caffé Sicilia, Sicily


Today at Zest of Italy, we have a new focus: to inspire and guide food and beverage professionals when bringing Italian food and wine into their career or business.

And for the leisure traveler looking to vacation in Italy, we have added new journeys under our new brand, The Genuine Experience, where we continue to offer our renowned bespoke travel services, under the leadership of Kathrin.


Meet Livio, co-founder and head of Zest of Italy, sourcer, sorcerer, and a great advocate of Italian food and wine artisans. An expert when it comes to crafting travel for food professionals. Your go-to person for sourcing food and wine products across the Italian boot.

Born in Torino with Apulian roots to a large family scattered throughout the country, in his early career, Livio worked with Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini.

During this time, he traveled on food tours with renowned chefs, Michel Troisgros and Giorgio Locatelli, as their guide. It was here that Kathrin, newly graduated from Slow Food University, and Livio found inspiration to launch their first bespoke food travel service.

To this day, Livio loves designing itineraries and connecting travelers with local artisans. He does not follow recipes; instead, he draws inspiration from Kathrin’s vision and every new encounter travel offers.

Livio is an Ambassador of the World Food Travel Association, the world’s leading authority on food tourism.

“Livio, Kathrin and their supporting team were amazing. … They listened to our wants and were not afraid to change up the itinerary when necessary… We could go on and on about how amazing Livio and his team are. We would highly recommend them to anyone… Thank you Zest of Italy.”

—Ayesha & Sydel Curry, San Francisco

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