After studying at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in the early 2000s we have extensively crisscrossed Italy tracking down produce, artisans and local customs. On our way we teamed up with great people, licensed guides and strong believers in the Art of Hospitality. Today we serve the BoA of the World Food Travel Association. We specialize in guiding private individuals as well as public figures, prominent chefs and iconic food and wine professionals. International hospitality groups rely upon our expertise as we have made significant contributions to some acclaimed restaurant openings in recent years.


Kathrin Fehervary - The heart & soul

I grew up on a 200 year-old farmhouse in Styria, Austria, my family juggling between medical practice and running an organic farm. At 15, during a school exchange program in Emilia, Italy, I was struck by the culinary delights, gained knowledge about Italian culture and 16 kilos of happiness. After high school I traveled the world working on cruise ships. When I returned to Europe, I led the front office of Cliveden House and approached the world of wine in the bustling London scene, when natural wines were grasping their stage. While graduating in gastronomy, I worked at Banca del Vino and as tasting panelist for the Slow Wine guide with mentors like Sandro Sangiorgi and Frank Cornelissen. I then managed a Masseria in Puglia and contributed to make it a praised destination to worldly travelers. I operate Zest of Italy with candor, passion and one only mantra - No request too great, no detail too small.

Livio Colapinto - The dot connector

I was born in Torino with Apulian roots, a large family scattered throughout the Italian boot and a great passion for my mother and grandmother's kitchen. At 8 I cooked my first dish for Nonno Giuseppe and kept pleasing others with food ever since - combing through markets, visiting farms and meeting artisans, cooking for guests and fellow chefs - while discovering cultural masterpieces of Italy. After my engineering studies and some ten years in finance between London, Zurich and Tokyo I studied at Slow Food University, worked and traveled with president Carlo Petrini, and later with Oscar Farinetti as he was working on opening his Eataly market stores around the world. I love to design and guide our itineraries connecting travelers with local culture and customs. I don’t follow recipes and rather find inspiration from Kathrin’s vision and from every new life experience and encounter.



Simone Pozzo - The marathoner

I was born in Ivrea, a lively city surrounded by the Alps in northern Piedmont, where I run the family jewelry business, four generations in the trade. Beside diamonds and luxury watches I have over two decades experience in the organization of outdoor events, specifically TV shows and extreme sports competitions. I'm a professional runner having run 11 marathons, five of which were in NYC, and dozens of minor ones where I also train and lead athletes and amateurs. With Kathrin and Livio I envision bringing our guests to experience the Italian lifestyle at its fullest… best with some comfortable running shoes and a big smile!

Nicola Bernini - The Renaissance man

Born and bred in Panzano in Chianti, a small village nestled between Florence and Siena, my family runs Antica Macelleria Cecchini, an 8th-generations enclave of butchers and artisans that influenced me throughout my youth. As a natural curious lover of my land, it came quite easy for me to honor my call, studying history of Art in Florence. My beloved Tuscany, that has provided me with so much passion and drive, is here to be shared with you. My aim is to tell you about her story and bring you closer to her beauty. It doesn’t matter in which corner we are, there are hidden treasures everywhere. Be it a romantic castle ruin, a world renowned museum, some secret path through old-grown forests or a tour through medieval towns – I always do my best to provide you with an authentic experience and bring you a little closer to “my world”.